My name is Erika Belalcazar, wife and proud mother of a beautiful 4 year old boy. My journey into baking starts back in my aunts kitchen as little girl. As a first generation Mexican American, while visiting Mexico for the first time I was in complete awe of its culture. Every corner I turned I came across something new and beautiful. Then I met a caring, generous and creative woman. She owned a small business in the center of town and was the first to introduce me to cake decorating. One evening while at her home she made me the most deliciously creative birthday cake I had ever seen and tasted (oh btw we shared the same birthday)!. The emotion and excitement I felt at that moment was unforgettable. I knew it was just a cake, but to me it was much more. To me that cake represented the love and passion she had put into it and I truly believe that's what made it so wonderful. Now here I am creating cakes as my hobby and business, injecting that same passion and love into each and every cake I make. The thought that maybe I can inspire someone in the same fashion with one of my cakes, is what makes it easy for me to give myself into each and every cake that I make.

Now that I've grown in the cake industry, I've started teaching workshops and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! Gathering a group of creative individuals, whether we share the same interests in the "cake world" and come together to enhance our skills or just getting together for an informative and fun time such as events-birthday parties, mommy & me, ect. makes me feel connected to everyone who joins. The ambiance and time that is spent with one another makes for pleasant interactions and for a fun-loving unforgettable experience!